ABC Swim School


Intensive Holiday Lessons

Intensive holiday courses are a great way to build confidence and improve all stages of swimmers in a short period of time.

The learning can be fast and effective.

Age Group


3 ½ years – 16 years old

Class Size





£35 for 5 day course

30 minute Lessons

£50 for 5 day course

1 hour Lessons




Easter 2019

Summer 2019

October half term 2019

See below for dates



Course Dates 

  • 15th - 19th April 2019 (5-day course) 1.45 – 3.45pm
  • 29th July - 2nd August 2019 (5-day course) 1.45 – 3.45pm
  • 21st - 25th October 2019 (5-day course) 1.45 – 3.45pm

Children's Lessons 

  • These classes will have 8 children in a class with 2 teachers.
  • These lessons are to support new teachers gaining Swim England qualification.
  • There will be experienced Swim England teachers mentoring at each station.
  • There will be Swim England Level 1 teacher and or Level 2 teachers in training for their Swim England Level 2 qualification and they will be supported by the experienced Swim England Level 2 teachers including the experienced course tutors.
  • This will be an amazing opportunity for the children and the teachers.


  • Eric Liddell Sports Centre, Eltham College Grove Park Road, Mottingham, London SE9 4QF


  • Certificates are given at the end of the course