ABC 30 year celebration gala 12th July 2015

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Wow what a day….I am still smiling :o)

Zoe and Megan opened our gala with a fantastic synchronised swimming routine to ‘uptown funk ‘both girls have been with ABC for 14 years and now swimming in the synchronised swimming section of ABC. The crowd were clapping and the girls swam the routine with grace and precision. The day was fully of excitement and achievement with all the swimmers achieving different medals for different events and having their photo taken on the awards podium.

The individual events were exciting having one length freestyle, Back crawl and Breaststroke and the swimmers showed the Olympic values ‘PRIDE’ throughout the gala…






The synchro girls where a pleasure to watch and our new member performed for the first time in front of an audience to ‘Cheerleader’ it was really exciting to watch them perform in their special costumes. They swam with inspiration and a great performance well done girls. I would like to thank Sue, Jody and Kelly for the loan of the costumes they looked fantastic. It bought back many wonderful memories for me. 

The team races where full of laughter and fun and the staff enjoyed themselves as well as team captains! Congratulation to the Red team for winning overall. My overall favourite was the magic carpet race.

I would like to say thank you to Myles who demonstrated an excellent length of Butterfly such a beautiful stroke and swam with grace and precision. The staff race was really exciting with a joint first from Josh and Myles well done, re match next year??


Lastly the finally of the gala a routine with all the synchro team and 2 of my staff Nicci and Caroline who used to do synchronised swimming, Caroline was my duet partner and I used to coach Nicci. They were both very excited to get back out their costumes again including myself. We all really enjoyed our swim and we hope you enjoyed it.


I would like to thank all my staff for their continuous support and dedication to ABC swim school. We would love to do this all again next year so we will keep you posted for the next date in 2016. Have a great summer and look forward to seeing you all in September 2015.

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