I am an ASA Level 2 Teaching Since 2002. Taught by Lovely Alison Bell. I love working for ABC because we are the best. I have and do work for different organisations but ABC is special. Alison is passionate about what she does and puts a lot of time and effort into making sure that everyone is happy, children, teachers and parents.

I have worked for ABC Swim School for 14 years and I have seen so many children learn to swim, including both my daughters, one of which has recently qualified as a swimming teacher and works for ABC Swim School. I love what I do and feel privileged to have been able to introduce such an important life skill into so many children’s lives as well as sometimes a bit of fun. I also really enjoy teaching the Adults on Saturday afternoons, it is wonderful to see the support that they give each other, trying to learn or improve their swimming skills.

My main hobby is swimming! I swim regularly with EDSC Masters swimming club and I occasionally if pressed swim in competitions. I also love cooking and collect cookery books and recipes. I was 50 last year and didn’t really have a midlife crisis but felt that my children were growing up fast and didn’t need me as much ,so I have started French lessons and have joined a choir who are trying to persuade me to go to their tap class as well !