Synchronised Swimming classes Awards

Stage 8
  • Demonstrate a stationary floating position with good body extension and controlled start and finish
  • Demonstrate counting to music using 2 different tempos
  • Swim 5m Synchro Backstroke, then 5m with a variation
  • Swim 5m Synchro Breaststroke, then 5m with a variation
  • Travel 3m supine head first, sculling continuously and return travelling feet first
  • Using a buoyancy aid perform a back layout before finishing in the bent knee position
  • Perform Tub
  • Perform a 45 seconds - 1min sequence to music, using a variety of skills learnt previously and in NPTS Stage 7
Stage 9
  • Swim 5m Synchro Breaststroke then 5m Backstroke using a smooth transition
  • Move from back layout to bent knee, then lift to ballet leg using buoyancy aid/use pool to support horizontal leg
  • Hold a pike position using buoyancy aid
  • Back tuck somersault
  • Perform Oyster
  • Eggbeater travelling 3m return in opposite direction creating an arm movement
  • Perform a feet first entry with arms extended by ears throughout
  • Perform a sequence lasting 45 seconds - 1min to music, and include one stroke (or arm variation) and one figure from the above or NPTS Stage 8
Stage 10
  • Swim 10m using 2 Synchro strokes with smooth transition - synchronised with a partner. Music may be used
  • Eggbeater into side flutter kick and back to eggbeater lifting one arm out of the water
  • Hold either inverted crane, bent knee or split position for 5 seconds
  • Demonstrate support scull standing on bottom of the pool
  • Travelling head first back layout to bent knee and return to back layout - 5m
  • Perform Marlin (¼ turn)
  • Head first entry, surface demonstrating eggbeater
  • Perform a sequence lasting 45 seconds - 1min to music with a partner, starting with foot first entry
Grades 1 - 5