Children’s Advanced Classes

Children's Advanced Lessons
    • We follow stage 6 & 7 of the Learn to swim pathway introducing length session to the swimmers
    • We follow stages 8 - 10 for the multi aquatic disciplines.
    • Every pupil is assessed on enrolment to ensure everyone starts at the right level for learning.
    • Each term is different giving the pupils an opportunity to experience other aquatic sports and awards such as water polo, diving, rookie Lifesaving.
    • Swimmers will also have the opportunity to complete Bronze, Silver, Gold and Honours Challenge awards and also Personal survival awards.
    • These classes may lead swimmers to joining competitive clubs or having fun in the water for a healthy lifestyle.
    • We assess on a weekly basis and we keep records of progress throughout the term
  • LTSP Stages 6 – 7
  • LTSP stage 8 – 10 in competitive swimming
  • Rainbow awards (Distances) 2000m, 3000m, 4000m & 5000m
  • Challenge awards, Bronze, silver, Gold, Honours
  • Rookie Lifeguard Bronze, Silver, Gold

£3 each and can be collected on the last 2 weeks of the each term or the first week back. Challenge awards are £4 with a pin badge


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