Our Classes

  • ABC Class Overview

    ABC Class Overview

    At ABC our passion is to develop confident swimmers of all ages from Babies to adult learners. We have been doing this since 1985.

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  • Baby & Toddler Classes

    Baby & Toddler Classes

    Our Baby and Toddler classes are a great way to introduce your little one to the pool. We provide a fun and exciting atmosphere for your little ones.

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  • Children’s Classes

    Children’s Classes

    Our classes are small and have 2 teachers at the lower levels to enhance the swimming experience and allows each pupil to progress at their own pace.

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  • Children’s Advanced Classes

    Children’s Advanced Classes

    These classes offer the opportunity to experience other aquatic sports and awards including personal survival and lifesaving. May lead to competitive club or healthy lifestyle.

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  • Adult Classes

    Adult Classes

    These classes offer the opportunity to learn to swim in a supportive environment, with ABC staff. We also offer improver classes to learn specific strokes and skills.

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  • Synchronized swimming classes

    Synchronized swimming classes

    These classes are FUN and offer a taster in Synchronised swimming which includes swimming to music. Swimmers need to be comfortable in deep water.

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  • One to One classes

    One to One classes

    These classes are tailored to the individual needs of the pupil and in a supportive environment, with ABC staff. We pride ourselves on continuity and professionalism.

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  • Intensive courses

    Intensive courses

    Crash course are a great way to build confidence and improve all stages of swimmers in a short period of time.  The learning can be fast and effective. …

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  • ABC Gala

    ABC Gala

    Age Group: Able to swim 15m+ Gala Size: 50 Pricing: £14.00 per entry Sessions: Sunday 2nd July 2017  2.30 – 3.30pm.  A yearly fun event Gala information A…

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