Baby and Toddler Awards

Entry Award
  • Child able to sit and wait whilst the adult enters the water
Exit Award
  • Child able to exit safely from the pool and NOT re entre the pool
Multi Action Award
  • Enter the water comfortably supported by the adult
  • Allow their face to be wet by an adult
  • Float with adult support on the front or back
  • Place feet on the wall with adult support, adult then supports a push from the wall and glide
  • Travel in different directions with adult support
  • Splash water with their hands
  • Reach and grab toys
  • Move from a horizontal to vertical position with adult support
  • Exit the water safely with adult support
Duckling 1
  • Make a supervised entry with adult support
  • Kick 2m on the back with adult support
  • Float on the back with adult support behind the head
  • Blow bubbles at the water surface
  • Wet the head without submersion
  • Travel without assistance 2m to a floating object
Duckling 2
  • Make a sitting entry with adult support
  • Blow an object for a distance of 2m
  • With buoyancy aids rotate 180 degrees with assistance
  • Move 5m along the rail or wall without assistance
  • Travel 3m using arms and legs without assistance
  • Submerge the face with confidence
Duckling 3
  • Make a supervised jump to an adult with or without support
  • Kick 5m on the front holding a float or noodle (adult may hold the other end)
  • Blow bubbles with the mouth underwater
  • Float on the front OR back without adult support
  • Travel 5m on the front to the side of the pool
  • Show a torpedo shape on the front or back when pushed to a partner
Duckling 4
  • Jump unaided, but supervised, into the water
  • Submerge completely
  • Rotate 360 degrees either horizontally or vertically
  • Show a mushroom or a star float
  • Travel without assistance 10m on the front OR back
  • Climb out of the water with assistance if required
Duckling 5
  • Jump in to the pool, turn around and return to point of entry
  • Submerge completely and blow bubbles under the water
  • Push and glide achieving a distance of 2m on the front OR back
  • Float on the front OR back and regain standing to a vertical position
  • Swim 2m on the front OR back unaided
  • Exit safely showing correct use of the ladder