ABC Swim School


Babies & Toddlers

Age Group


6 Months - 4 Years

Class Size




Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays

£105 for 7 week course

[Inclusive of VAT]



Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays 

 £90 for 6 week course

[Inclusive of VAT]



9:30 - 10.10am

10.15 - 11.55am 



4:15 - 4:55pm




1:15 - 1.55pm
40 minute lessons


Baby and Toddler Lessons

  • Our Baby and Toddler lessons are a great way to introduce your child to the pool
  • We provide a fun and exciting atmosphere for your child to gain confidence in the water and start to achieve through easy steps to learning
  • Our instructors will be teaching from the side (due to COVID-19)
  • We use cross curricular activities within the lessons including numbers, letters and colours 
  • We instruct the adult how to teach the child so these skills can be used with your baby or toddler at the pool in your leisure time
  • Please bring your towels and valuables with you to poolside
  • Progress reports will be given at the end of each term


Discovery Duckling 1 Discovery Duckling 2 Discovery Duckling 3 Discovery Duckling 4
Duckling 1 Duckling 2 Duckling 3 Duckling 4
'I CAN' certificates for various skills
£4.00 each (inclusive of VAT) and can be collected on the last 2 weeks of each term or the first week back of a new term.

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