ABC Swim School


Adult Lessons - Saturday

Age Group


16 upwards

Class Size




£ 105.00 for 7 week course group lessons
(inclusive of VAT)

£90.00 for 6 week coursegroup lessons
(inclusive of VAT)


Saturdays 2.45-3.15



30 minute lessons






Adult Lessons

  • No one is too old to learn how to swim!
  • Join us and learn how to swim or improve your stroke, learn new skills such as swimming in deep water, treading water, swimming underwater, floating, rotation skills, diving and much more.
  • These lessons are designed around your needs and your goals.
  • Our lessons are structured to help even the most nervous of swimmers gain confidence and combat nervousness in the pool.
  • Our instructors will be teaching from poolside due to COVID-19
  • The total beginner lessons are based on Stages 1-3 of the SWIM ENGLAND Learn to Swim Pathway.
  • Improver lessons are based on Stages 4-5 of the SWIM ENGLAND Learn to Swim Pathway.
  • Swimming stroke lessons are based on Stage 6 and above of the SWIM ENGLAND Learn to Swim Framework.


• Adult distance awards 5m – 50m

£4.00 each (inclusive of VAT) and can be collected on the last 2 weeks of each term or the first week back of a new term.

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